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250+ indicators proven to enhance user experience

Leverage a tried and true methodology that highlights key UX barriers such as usability issues, underperforming content and bumps along the user journey. Best of all, it sets the stage for you to move right into enhancements and optimization.

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A simple catalyst for actionable results

Is there something wrong with your website but you can't quite put your finger on it? The heuristic user experience audit takes the guesswork out of website and application analysis, giving you a rock-solid foundation upon which to plan and roll out your improvements.

A proven methodology

Based upon Jakob Nielsen's "10 Heuristics for User Interface Design" our audit methodology is used by some of the world's largest, customer-centric brands.

Plain language terminology

Our audits and recommendations reports are written to be accessible and useful to everyone - from your CEO to your web developer.

Designed to start discussions

We combine quantitative data
with qualitative feedback, a recipe that fuels meaningful discussions around solutions and problem solving within organizations.

Why start with a heuristic user experience audit?

Benefits and use cases

Setting benchmarks

Aside from simply identifying issues, the heuristic audit is ideal for setting a benchmark prior to a website/web app redesign project. This way, you have a clear starting point upon which to build and to compare against.

Building business cases

Overhauling a digital property can be a daunting task that typically involves multiple stakeholders before decisions can be made. The heuristic UX audit provides the fuel to advocate for change within an organization and to get the process started.

Transparent scoring

Our complete UX audit workbook is handed over to you as part of our recommendations report. This means you can dig as deep as you like to fully understand each review point and how they affect your overall score.

Compare apples to apples

Our methodology is highly-structured, with categorization that makes it ideal to compare multiple properties – for example through competitive analyses or best-in-class comparisons.

A baked-in digital roadmap

Outputs from the heuristic UX audit easily translate to a roadmap for introducing enhancements and improvements to your digital property. View everything in one place and prioritize your execution.

How does the heuristic audit process work?

Analyze. Interpret. Prioritize.

Diving deep

When we perform an audit for you, we begin with a deep review of your current digital property. We do this using a proprietary workbook with over 250 usability and user experience best practice indicators against which your digital property is scored.

Translating scores to opportunities.

Your audit score is only a starting point. It exposes areas of your digital property that need attention, but that's only gives you part of the picture. The real value comes from our scoring analysis and producing detailed recommendations to address challenges areas individually. Using thematic categories, our findings reports provide scoring rationales and examples on how they can be improved.

Plotting your course to success

Lastly, we work with you to identify the recommendations you'd like to move forward with and prioritize them. We visualize the implementation of these activities in a roadmap that is informed by resource availability, budget and other business decisions that will impact the sequence of activities.

Get started

Flexible plans to suit your scope

We've built our pricing model understanding that the needs and depth of analysis ranges depending on your business size, your organization's digital maturity and how equipped your team is act on recommendations brought forward from an audit.

Small business

Entry-level UX expert review

Informal platform review against UX and conversion best practices

Findings and recommendations summary with actionable next steps to optimize your website or application

1 hour presentation meeting to walk through findings and recommendations

Pro audit

The original heuristic UX evaluation

Full audit conducted against 250+ usability and conversion indicators

Detail findings summary and recommendations report with itemized actions to begin optimizing

Up to 5 wireframe prototypes included in our findings report to depict recommended changes

90-minute presentation meeting to walk through our findings and define next steps



The complete heuristic UX audit package

All features and deliverables from our Pro Audit tier

An additional 5 wireframe prototypes to depict a holistic view of our recommended updates and their impact on the platform's user experience

Implementation roadmap with prioritization by overall effort/feasibility against expected return on ROI

All prices in USD

Not sure which plan is right for you?

We're happy to build custom audit packages suited to fit your digital property and unique business requirements. Contact us and we'll work with you to find the right solution.

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the audit package?

Every audit tier delivers value

Although the specific deliverables that are included as part of your audit report vary by tier, we ensure that each one includes the following:

An itemized list of user experience barriers observed in our assessment

An explanation for each barrier and why it affects your overall UX score

Tangible, actionable recommendations prioritized by level of effort and expected impact

An itemized list of user experience barriers observed in our assessment

A 60-90 minute walkthrough of our findings to help you and your team understand the results, visualize our recommendations and begin planning next steps

Do I have to work with Input UX to implement changes identified in the audit report?

Execute with whomever you prefer.

What you choose to do with our recommendations report is entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to use their in-house developers and designers, while others have existing relationships with other digital agencies they will work with to execute on. Most of our clients, however, prefer to work with Input UX to put audit findings and recommendations into action as we have already built familiarity with your digital platform.

How long does a UX audit take to complete?

Speed is an integral part of the process

The point of an audit is to gain meaningful insights on your current state, in turn leading to efficiencies as you begin putting these changes into action. For this reason, our audits are usually completed in 5-10 business days, often in under one week.

Do code and technical infrastructure play into a UX audit?

We focus on front-end indicators that affect user experience

In general, we do not analyze code, hosting environments or infrastructure as part of our audits. While we acknowledge that each of these variables can contribute to UI performance, our focus in on the user-facing experience, not what's under the hood. That said, we will absolutely provide commentary and recommendations if we observe code errors, sluggish performance and technical components that are easily correctable and improve the overall experience for the user.

What happens after I receive my audit report?

Next steps

As part of your audit package, we conduct a 60-90 minute walkthrough of your report during which time we help you to prioritize and plan for rolling out changes. Our enterprise audit tier also includes the development of an implementation roadmap - a diagram that depicts the recommended sequence of optimization efforts, prioritized by effort, cost and projected overall impact to the user experience.

From there, Input UX will take a step back to let you decide how you would like to proceed with implementation - whether you'd prefer to tackle them yourself or if you'd like to work with us.

Empowers teams.
Propels websites forward.

Input UX has refined the heuristic UX audit process over more than 10 years of use with organizations across various industries and verticals.  Some recent organizations we have helped using this process include:

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Our heuristic UX audit service was developed and is provided by Input UX, a UX/CX consultancy with over 25 years of experience helping some of the world's largest and most respected brands optimize their digital presence.

Input UX offers a full suite of digital marketing services from user experience and usability to full digital platform development.

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